The Art of Negotiating

Emily's car had a terrible crack in the windshield.  And since she abandoned me over the Memorial Day Weekend to go to Idaho with her boyfriend's family, (can you hear the bitterness seeping out of the screen?) I decided to take her car in to get it replaced.  When I went to pick it up, I got in the car and noticed what looked like a scratch on the passenger side, very narrow, about 3 inches long.  Hoping it was a smudge, I got out, but of course it was a scratch because these kinds of things happen to me.  Just like the other day when 6 of us ordered 6 drinks from Starbucks and 5 drinks came up at the counter, not mine of course, and then they moved onto the next order.  Yes, it happens regularly and I don't know how to stop it.

Back to the windshield- My expectation when I pay good money is that the item will be fixed correctly the first time.  Yes I know I sound like a total rag with outrageous expectations, but we all have standards right?

So I go back in and say-

"There is a scratch on my windshield"

The gal behind the desk rolls her eyes and looks at me like "look crazy lady, we just installed the damn thing and there isn't a scratch".  So she calls her manager to go out and take a look, he runs his finger across it and proclaims, "Yup, it's a scratch".  I guess he didn't see the saliva mark I left trying to rub it out of the windshield.  Like I hadn't already checked? 

So we go back in and they tell me it has to cure for two days before they can replace the replacement.  I'm kind of busy right now and don't have time to schlepp around back and forth to the windshield place and it really is a small, not very noticeable scratch, so I ask for a discount if I leave it.  More eyeball rolling ensues, and the manager gets on the phone with his manager.  He offers to knock off 50 bucks, I say how about 75 and then the funniest thing happens- he says to his manager-

"Now she's going all Let's Make a Deal on Me".

Honestly I still laugh out loud every time I think of this grumpy, grimy, toothy grinned glass worker shooting out the most clever thing I'd heard all day.  

Totally worth the negotiation.  I got my 75 bucks and drove away. 

2 thoughts on “The Art of Negotiating

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  2. Thanks for the tips on replacing/fixing the scratches! I’m in the same position, took my car to the body shop to replace a door/repaint. They did a great job, but scratched the shit out of my rear and front windshield. It’s got spider web scratches everywhere and driving with the sun facing you is ridiculous as you see all the damn scratches. Same during the night when oncoming cars have their headlights on.

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