Shopping with Emily

Back To School. 

That simple phrase brings dread and fright to mothers.  It consists of:

Registration = $$$

Gearing up for sports season= $$$

School supplies= $

School clothes shopping with your daughter= $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This is a similar system to those restaurant guides where one $ means a reasonable meal and $$$ means you just ate the smallest piece of meat you've ever seen for $69.00, and veggies were extra.

Today Emily and I spent part of the day shopping for school clothes.  This is a particularly painful process for me because of my inability to jump in and enjoy it.  She shops and I mope around, sometimes pretending I'm a horse in need of blinders.  Ive made this commitment not to shop, and that just takes all the fun out of it.  Tomorrow, double the torture, because we are continuing our quest with her older sister.  So double the trouble, double the fun, and double the bill.  Yikes. 

2 thoughts on “Shopping with Emily

  1. Have you read the book “Your Money or Your Life”? It tells you how you can reduce consumerism and live happily on less money. I really enjoyed it, although I would not be able to live as frugaly as it suggests. But it offers some great motivation for people looking for “more life with less stuff.”

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