Relationship clutter (but first another Twitter moment)

I'm busily getting ready to either have a garage sale or pack up half my house and drive it to the thrift store.  If only I could get off Twitter long enough to work on the project.  This post was going to be about relationship clutter, but I honestly think I might be addicted to Twitter. 

Not that there isn't enough to do; cook, clean, fold laundry, shave my legs, pull weed (OK, truth is, I never pull weeds), maybe GET A JOB, but Twitter has me in a strangle hold.  It is such a weird phenomenon.  At first I didn't get it, then unfortunately I got it pretty good.  Now I'm getting it really good and am fascinated by everything that is happening in the world.  One minute I can be reading about some celebrity and their drunken birthday bash.  The next minute I'm nodding my head vigorously about "going green".  Then there are the actual work related topics, like marketing and social media and branding—- those are where I should be spending my time, but then I hear the siren call of Ashton Kutcher and think-

I'll just spend a couple minutes seeing what he and Demi are up to tonight. 

One Tweet says he is going to Vegas.  Hey, I'm going to Vegas.

Wonder what he's doing there?

He posts a Twitpic, so I check that out.

It is at the Palms Casino, so I go to their web site.

He and Anne Heche are doing a one night show.

Which night (searching of Palm site ensues).

Wow, they have a Barbie Suite, that's kinda cool.


Oh, my gosh, the suite is Designed by famed "Happy Chic" interior designer Jonathan Adler.

I love him. Wonder what he's up to and if he Tweets.  Better finish on Palm's site first…

Oh, my double triple gosh, they have an Erotic Suite that "features a Show Shower™, full bar, iPod® Hi-Fi, and an eight foot round rotating bed with mirrored ceiling."

Now I'm really distracted. 

So I decide to Google "Twitter Addiction" and up come some references, but I don't think anyone has properly addressed it as a true malady.  And since an hour has passed since I thought "I'll just spend a few minutes checking out some interesting things", someone is clearly missing an opportunity to rake in big bucks in a specialized area of psychotherapy.  Hopefully they'll call me to be their first client. 

3 thoughts on “Relationship clutter (but first another Twitter moment)

  1. Love the Barbie suite! But I know what you mean, I can get lost with Twitter too — so many interesting posts and tweets. It is addicting…but gotta get back to work.

  2. You are funny! They do have a term for this addiction, it’s called ADD…I have not caught the twitter bug yet, I couldn’t even get a handle on first the “my space” space, and now the “facebook” space…it’s called single mom with a 6 year old

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