Yes, it’s true… I’m a Shop-a-holic

Today is the Six Month anniversary of my last shopping spree.  Maybe I should buy myself something nice to celebrate.  No!  It ws my last clothes, shoes, handbag shopping at all, except for a few items here and there from Birthday money, which I decided wasn't cheating.  It isn't cheating because-

1) I said so.

2) I could have just directed everyone to buy me what I wanted, and it was just easier this way.

It is a major feat in my life that it has been 6 months.  The same 6 months have been spent blogging, which is a life changing experience as well.  No one reads this except my good friend Valerie, and perhaps every once in a while Nick, although he's a new dad so out of it right now, but what started as an experiment has forever changed the way I view something I love.  It has taught me patience, tolerance, and thrift that I've never had.  It has made me spend an extra 5 minutes in my closet each morning and think about what to wear instead of plotting to buy more since, after all, THERE IS NOTHING TO WEAR!

Six months might not seem like much, but to me it has been an eternity.  Previous to this, I'd speculate that it had never been a few DAYS between shopping gigs.  Target has always been a weakness, although if you've read some of my early posts, Nordstrom wins the cake.  Especially the new store in our area with a amazing cafe and one of the best Margarita Pizza's I've ever eaten. 

So yes, I'm proud, and yes, I'm going to keep on trucking through six months and day one of the next six months.  Hurray for me and Happy Anniversary!

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