How was Sushi?

This is the longest I've gone without posting on my blog and I feel like a mother who beats her children.  I'm working 16 hour days 6.5 days a week.  I'm exhausted, grumpy, constantly hungry and still trying to train for a 1/2 marathon in 27 days.  Yes, my mind is wandering around lost and I almost can't think straight, and it is only 10:38 at night.  Usually this is my prime time, face the world, knock out a couple hours of house cleaning, tv watching or bill paying.  Instead I'm actually drooling while I type. 

The  new company we are launching helps companies integrate social media into their marketing.  Huh?  Some of you know exactly what I'm talking about and others are scratching their heads wondering how I went from the topic of not shopping to the topic of "digital engagement marketing".  Well, I'm too tired to explain so instead I'll tell a story. 

Facebook is weird sometimes.  I wonder if I'm stalking or doing the stalking.  When I first got on FB I had a fright that just illustrated the dangerous nature of the medium.  I was playing around with the "status" and typed in "Heading to lunch meeting- sushi".  Then I went off to my meeting and had some wonderful sushi with a side order of a little work.  I had a 2pm conference call, so got back in the office, did a little e-mail and dialed into the number.  There were probably 5 or 6 other people calling in, I think it was a discussion about our new web site design.  After "announcing" myself on the call and listening to a few pleasantry comments, one of the attendees piped up and said, "how was your sushi lunch?"  I almost fell off my chair thinking "he's all the way across town, how did he know I had sushi for lunch".  And it honestly took me a few minutes to figure out he had read it on FACEBOOK!!! 

Isn't that weird?  So now, a long time later, I'm immersed in social media and the even deeper meanings of how it can help companies with their marketing.  And I'll never forget one of my first fright with it, just like I'll never forget my first Coach handbag…

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