Food waste, or why the hell didn’t I eat that sooner?

It is a typical Saturday morning, although during the summer I love going to the farmer's market and today I'm not going to make it.  My son had to be up early for work.  Because of circumstances better left un-said on the WORLD WIDE WEB, he doesn't have a driver's license right now.  10 more days, 10 more days, 10 more days and he'll get it back after 20 hours of community service and a hefty fine to the city.  No, he isn't a serial killer or even a drug dealer, he's just missing part of his frontal lobe.  According to research, it hasn't developed yet, and after I whacked him up side the head it may never develop. 

So I got up early to hang out with him, make him a little breakfast and then drive him to work.  We bought him a bike to use for the three months he wouldn't be able to drive, but when I asked him where the bike was (couldn't see it out the back window in the bike rack), he laughed and said it was in the back of a friend's car from yesterday.  He just "forgot" to get it out before his friend drove off.  Duh.  Frontal lobe, please grow quickly. 

But back to the food.  How do I get distracted so easily? 

So I'm up early because I'm a terrible swooping mother who didn't make him walk the 2 miles to work, and I start cleaning out the fridge. 

Bad choice. 

What I should have done is leave all the rotting food in there until the fridge implodes on itself and has to be replaced. 

I'm a single working mom, and not to make excuses (HERE COMES AN EXCUSE), but life is hectic.  Did I mention I've lost my frontal lobe and am starting a new business?  Twice last week I left my house around 7:00am and arrived home shortly after 10:00pm. 

Entreprenuerism = lack of sleep, grumpy mom, starving children, dirty house.

So I was excited this morning to do a some house cleaning, starting with the fridge. 

3/4 can spam

15 oz feta cheese

3 bratwurst

1/2 lb blueberries

and on, and on, and on

I threw away the equivalent of meals for a family of 4 for a month.  It was depressing and I can't help but think there is some way to avert this kind of financial disaster.  How in the world does anyone manage their food?  Is there software for that like Quicken manages finances, or like Basecamp manages projects?  Something that will rotate my food, tell me what leftovers I have, send me e-mail reminders to eat the leftover chicken and shout out when I open the fridge and reach for something new-

"Hey DUMMY, eat the bratwurst first!!!!"

2 thoughts on “Food waste, or why the hell didn’t I eat that sooner?

  1. This is the best post! I can relate to it in every way…..such waste I create! Thanks for being you and so funny. I enjoyed your blog. I hope to get my blog in better shape soon since I am rather new to the blog seen and also opening up my wesite business…please feel free to visit my blog.

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