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Now that I've put Twitter down for a few minutes, let's get back to another kind of clutter- the kind that comes with strings so tight and bonds so hard to break that most often we ignore them, much in the same way we are able to ignore centuries of nick knacks piling up on shelves. 

I've been thinking a lot about emotional clutter lately.  If I were to go into the details, you would soon yawn with a mighty YADA YADA YADA and QUIT YOUR DAMN WHINING SISTER, WE'VE ALL GOT PROBLEMS.  So I won't.  Suffice it to say that being unemployed has another unsavory downside- too much time to think about life.

So as I get rid of stuff I keep coming back to the question, shouldn't we purge emotional clutter too?  Not to get overly ambitious on perfection, but what about those relationships that have run their course, or are destructive.  Sometimes friendships or relationships go along for years, then something happens, someone changes, circumstances vary.  I have a friend who is a believer that people come and go in your life for a reason.  She celebrates those changes and tries to see the value that each person brought or brings to her.  Then, if it is time to move on, she celebrates those gifts as opposed to gnashing over what went wrong.

Isn't that a wonderful theory?  It allows you perspective, change.  Or is it shortsighted in terms of building and maintaining relationships- learning and growing? 

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