Are plants like people?

Purging things, trimming, deadheading (can that be done with too small clothing?).

My father died on November 6, 2007. All that he meant to me, all that he taught me, his death, my loss and how, almost two years later I still miss him terribly- is another post.  He was a popular guy.  Even though he had been retired for 11 years, executives from the company he worked for flew in from California and New York to attend his funeral and pay their respects.  They also sent huge arrangements, some of which consisted of beautiful plants.  

I ended up taking most of the beautiful plants to my house.  My mother's deep mourning included purging things that reminded her of his funeral.  I've spent the past almost 2 years trying to nurture, cajole, bribe, threaten and give mouth to mouth to those plants, but my capacity for tending for things or people apparently has a short reach– (3) beautiful children, some extended family, and sporadic success at nurturing a relationship with a man I can do, but the plants just aren't going to make it.  Still, I have trouble letting go. Here is a picture of one that is so sad:


And when I bought these a couple of months ago, they were full and amazing and colorful and bright…


Should be trash right??

But putting them in the trash is so difficult, just like some of those relationships we should let go as well. Plants clean my air and brighten my house and look great for the first few months I have them.  Then they start to brown around the edges and fall limp and sag a bit.  Wait, am I talking about plants or men?  Just kidding.  Don't be so sensitive. 

Someone take me by the hand and tell me it is OK to throw this stuff out, that it will clear my head and my space.  And to just let go already. 

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