A Wind of Change is Blowing

Change.  That is a frightening word to most people.  My world changed drastically earlier this year when my company downsized and I up-sized from the stress.  I gained 10 pounds and have spent the last few months trying to work them off. 

So I decided to abandon consulting work which was paying some of the bills, a job search that was going fairly well and chuck all that to partner with people I barely know and start a new company based on an area of marketing to which I am fairly new. 

Guess I'd better keep the "size up" clothes handy.

My head keeps telling me to run and find a job with a well funded start-up with a snazzy product and lots of head room for success.  My heart is telling me to jump in head first and work 20 hour days until we make this company successful.  I've never been one to play it safe, so I guess staying tuned might be in order.  And a few prayers and lots of mint chip ice cream.  And chocolate. 

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