eBay as a Satanic Cult

There are people who sell things on eBay for a living.  There is software that orgnaizes their sales, they hold rallies, attend conferences and training, and probably have developed some demonic cults. 

I've listed 3 things so far and it has been consuming.  How am I going to de-clutter my life on eBay if I can't keep up?  However, the thing that keeps me going is my growing Paypal balance, which now stands at 119 dollars and some change.  Cha ching.   


I sold my first item for this experiment on eBay.  But somehow it seems different than when I've sold before.  This is the beginning of a purposeful downsizing, or the beginning of a clinical depression, I'm not sure which.

I SOLD the Longaberger basket for $53.66.  I'm sure I paid over $100.00 for it originally and those liners, pieces of plaid gingham, are horrifically expensive as well.  But now I have $53.66 more AND it is ONE less thing in my house and somehow, that feels really good. 

Two more baskets are listed that you can see HERE and HERE.  When I sold several of these a few years ago, it seemed like they got snapped up fast and crazy.  Economy?   

1st on the chopping block

Nordstrom shopping trip update: Still no shoes, the expensive watch fit funny when they sized it, so if I return both those items, I'll be down to $165.00, and with the $60.00 in gift certificates, down to a VERY modest $105.00 bucks on my last Hurrah.  Hmmm, maybe I should have a do-over.

FOR SALE: Longaberger Basket

My collection grew during what a shrink might deem a "manic acquisition phase".  You'll probably see that phrase a lot during the editing process. 

1st to go is a big one I used to use for magazine storage until I decided it was stupid to keep magazines.  Raise your hand if you've ever re-read a magazine… didn't think so.

I managed to get the first one listed, and you can see it HERE or below.  Sales will suffer in the beginning- no one trusts an eBayer with the dreaded "0" feedback- why is that?  As we get farther down the road, I'm sure I'll build a trusting clientele who get excited to see what "that crazy lady who is downsizing has listed today".