Ikea or Vegas, which is a worse Hell?

On Saturday afternoon I went to Ikea with my friend, MM.  She is the same one I went to Nordstroms with on the Last Hurrah.  A major shopper.  And now a major pain in my experimental ass.  Normally I'd jump at the chance to spend time together, but she's the kind of gal who can drop $1,000 in about the same number of seconds and right now it's hard not to jump in and join her. 

0087548_PE216906_S3 At Ikea I saw this amazing rug.  It comes in four colors and the yellow green would go beautifully in my sun-room.  The purple one is beautiful too, and both a steal for $249.00.  I'm wondering how much my mom wants to spend on my birthday gift.  There were a ton of other things I would have loved to buy, including this bed that would make my teenage son want to clean his room every day, or not.  36792_PE128048_S3

The realization hit me that the category "Things I Would Have Bought" might be pitifully small.  I'm not shopping because it is tempting— in a "Brad Pitt is drunk on a ski vacation and fighting with Angelina and just asked me back to his hotel room"kind of way.  But if I DON'T shop it will be difficult to write about things I would have bought.  Dilemma. 

Vegas, or a shopping-less Hell

Being in Vegas without shopping was like being in hell.  I WENT shopping, but I didn't buy anything.  It was the first time, probably since I was 10 or 11 that I was on vacation without buy something other than food.  Vacations should be a time to to buy, buy, buy.  Actually that sounds good anytime.  It was hard. It hurt.  Bad.

Not helping the pain was the boyfriend who bought a new cute compact computer (perfect size for 90% of my purses) and dropped $2,400 in about 3.5 minutes.  Lovely.  Our hotel room looked like an eBay store for computers.  There were his 3 and mine, all on a very small hotel desk. 


There were many more, but here are a couple at the top of my list-

Dress Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor – $128.00  This is a beautiful silk looking dress, but WASHABLE, which is so cool.  Love the bright flower and collar that shows off the shoulders.


Aldo Shoes- $125.00  This year flowers are still hot and these shoes are amazing.  I would have worn them with a beautiful gray dress.  But alas, they are still at Aldo.  I would have purchased a lovely pair of red pumps as well.