40 Days and 40 Nights

Sometimes life is just odd and funny.  Sometimes it is downright weird. 

This experiment started in conjunction with a shopping extravaganzaat a Nordstrom store opening, just a random event.  How weird is it that my 40 days and nights without shopping falls on Easter??  Without any intention, and for the first time in my life, I just spent an entire season of Lent depriving myself of something important, OK truth be told, life sustaining and necessary- shopping.  The Catholics are probably going to say it doesn't count since it wasn't intentional. 

To be honest, I didn't quite really know what Lent was until I just looked it up in Wikipedia.  According to the smart people who write these things (I am paraphrasing here, no plagiarizing intended), Lent is a Christian tradition with the purpose of preparing believers to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.  Most people associate Lent with self-denial, or giving things up.  It is typically 40 days long, representing the time Jesus spent in the wilderness. 

I am really freaking out that my own self-denial of shopping for Lent falls on Easter and wondering if there is some divine intervention at work here.  As a self proclaimed disbeliever of organized religion, this development has me wondering, hmmmm.

Check out the fascinating correlation of bible events to the number 40- you can read all about them in the Wikipedia when you are learning about Lent.   

The Countdown and mall madness

Still no luck on my counting widget.  I spend way too much time at night trying to reorient myself into a technical person.  My daugther's boyfriend had the great idea that the counter should show days, minutes and seconds counted from my last purchases chronicled HERE and also HERE.  That is a good idea, because each seconds seems like an eternity. 

2 It has been over three weeks and I'm not sure it is getting any better.  Yesterday I was at the mall returning what truly was the last purchase, this beautiful watch.  They tried to size it three times.  Because I have somewhat dainty and delicate wrists- (unlike anything else on my body), these cuff watches are tricky to get to fit correctly.  I have another one and there are 13 links on one side and 11 on another.  Crooked wrists?  Who knew. 

COUNTDOWN: 22 days

The Countdown

Two weeks ago on Tuesday was the Last Hurrah at Nordstrom.  It was fitting for the final spree because it is a place I worship and adore.  My love affair began many years ago when I was making what I thought was a ton of money at a technology company.  I needed grown-up clothes and it seemed like a great place to start. 

Nordstrom has legendary customer service, which is a total rationalization, because really, how often do you need legendary customer service?  Their selection is nice, especially for petites, but is it really worth the extra money?  Hard to say, but I still love them.

COUNTDOWN: 16 days

The Countdown

Blogging is new to me, so while I have ideas I'd like to communicate, sometimes I get lost in the technical difficulty.  Question: Why is it that if you are competent at English, technical skills elude you?  Answer: I have no idea. 

I have a fairly healthy command of the English language, I'm not a grammar specialist or English teacher, and I'm sure someone reading this will scream in pain at my use of run on sentences, however, it would be nice to posses even the slightest skill that would allow me to figure out how to put a widget on the side bar of this blog.  I want to countdown the days without shopping.  Something like a rolling pat on the back, a reminder that there is a reason for this insanity. 

COUNTDOWN: 9 DAYS (if I make it to midnight tonight).