100 Days Sober!!!

On June 9th he 100 day mark came and went and I missed it!  Shopping-less-ness for 100 days.  If you had asked when I started if I'd make it, I would have laughed, guffawed and probably spit up a little.  I was going to celebrate by wearing something I haven't worn in 10 years or dancing around naked under a full moon. 

Now I'll just have to wear that little something because I'M RUNNING OUT OF CUTE CLOTHES.  Not.  But still it has been hard and I'm proud. 

Cheater, cheater, pumpkin colored shoe eater

I almost cheated the other day.  Orange is a hot, hot color right now.  I just redecorated my sun room using that wonderful color.  OK, truth is my amazing sister redesigned the room, picked out all the elements and made it rock in a way I never could.  All I did was assemble the Ikea bookcase, unroll the rug and clap as she hung a beautiful Koa paddle on my wall.  She has always been the talented decorator in our family.  I've always been the one who had to hire a talented decorator or beg her to fly in from Seattle and sprinkle me with her brand of decorator fairy dust. 

So the color is hot and I have a cool new room.  But a few days later, while wandering through the mall, I saw these amazing orange shoes, with kind of a fake alligator texture.  I couldn't see the harm in trying them on, after all my incredible self will has been intact for a couple of months now. 

Big mistake.

They cost more than my entire cash birthday haul and possibly more than a semester at a local community college.  Sad to say the old me might have dove right into my Brahmin snakeskin wallet (gift) and rummaged for my always read Amex and plunked it right down.  The NEW me tapped into a strange well of self-control and passed.  I'm the winner.