I started Dancing in the Sand to chronicle the experiment of changing my life. I want to create a life where I derive less satisfaction from material things, a life filled with compassion and thoughtfulness, time to read, soak in the tub and exhale with joy. A life with simple pleasures and simple pursuits.

It is entirely possible that I’m a shop-a-holic (in denial!), and have money issues in general. Instead of going into an expensive recovery program, I decided to take the self-help route.  While this may be foolish and decidedly un-scientific, it will be fun to try and be entertained by the process. I love to laugh and in these tough times we could all use a good belly shaking.

If you haven’t read the first post on March 3, 2009 start there and read about The Beginning.  If you are not a regular blog reader, the format might flummox you at first.  Posts are listed most recent first.  If you want to read chronologically, click on the Masthead at the top that says “Dancing in the Sand” to go to the most recent page, then scroll to the beginning, or navigate using the Archives.

I have 3 wonderful children who are now adults. Life is one transition after another and being an empty-nester is challenging.They are amazing children given the amount of psychosis their mother has put them through with her personal life; twice divorced, bio-dad not in touch for years and years, and a mother who probably has touches of ailments best left to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders DSM-IV-TR Fourth Edition.

I love life and people and chatting and eating and shopping and cooking and hanging out with my friends and children and having a blast just living.

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